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Multimedia, Graphic Design, and Website Services JAKARTA
Welcome to www.jkt-multimedia.com

About Us

JKT-MULTIMEDIA services are services that specializes in multimedia design, graphic design, and web services. Established in 2010.
We are a TEAM that is constantly evolving and aims to improve service quality.
Always strive to provide a full service, quality solutions and maximum results
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Direct from us

The execution will be done by our professional team immediately. Specialization in their fields - each and also experienced.


Price Conditioned

We provide ease of service. Cost / price is "negotiable", depending on "working capacity" is done. Terms and Services be valid.



The amount of your Business or Company, JKT-MULTIMEDIA always ready to help for the purposes and needs of Multimedia, Graphic Design & Website.

Our Services :

  • jasa-media-publishing-presentasi-jkt-multimedia
    Digital Interactive Media
  • jasa-desain-grafis-pembuatan-logo-perusahaan-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Logo / Identity
  • jasa-advertising-edit-cetak
    Print Media
  • jasa-pembuatan-company-profile--jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Company Profile
  • jasa-pembuatan-video-bumper-opening-compositing-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Visual effects
  • jasa-video-editing-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Video Editing
  • jasa-pembuatan-video-company-profile-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
  • jasa-video-poto-dokumentasi-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
  • jasa--potografi-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
  • jasa-3d-modeling-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    3D Modeling
  • jasa-audio-editing-modeling-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Audio Editing
  • jasa-services-website-jakarta-jkt-multimedia
    Website Service

Thank You
to you, who trust and have cooperated with us, JKT-MULTIMEDIA
in the field of Multimedia, Graphic Design and Website.


  • Phone : 082 11 222 0786
    Office Hour : (9:00 a.m. to 17:00 pm)
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Jln. Raya Hankam
    Komplek Kopti Blok A No.5
    Jakarta Timur - 13880